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 We repair all Major Appliances in Oxnard| Same Day Service (3hour window appointments)  | Diagnostic fee is only $45 | We will give you a written estimate before we will perform any repairs  | we repair following brands: (Sub-Zero and VIKING Refrigerator Repair in Oxnard)

Refrigerator Repair   when your refrigerator stopped producing cold air there is no need to worry because One Way Appliance Repair Experts of Oxnard always to the rescue with all knowledge and required equipment to repair your favorite refrigerator the same day it does not matter for us what kind of brand you have rather it's Sub-Zero | VIKING | Thermador |Amana | Maytag | LG and GE we repair even Hot-Point Refrigerator in Oxnard and by the way we specialize in Walk in Refrigerator repair in Oxnard and Walk in Freezer repair in Oxnard , we specialize in commercial refrigerator repair in oxnard we repair any commercial brands like ( TRUE |Beverage-Air | TurboAir | Hoshizaki ice  machine repairs | Knemore | whirlpool ) and you always have to make sure if you live in Oxnard and if you want your refrigerator last you for a long time, because this days refrigerators they were built to last for ever if you do maintain your refrigerator, the most important think to remember is a Condenser service Required once every six month , if it's a commercial fridge or freezer the metal grill above or on the bottom has to come out to get to condenser it's kind of looks like corbinator in your vehicle.  if you will not be able to locate the Condensor the best think to to is to call a PRO at 1-805-751-6622ntion internet promotion code "45" and we will be able to perform the condesor service with all chemicals non toxic, we use special made sprays for refrigerator repair industry so when you call us in oxnard for any refrigerator repair needs we respond the same day our technicians radio dispatch and they are always in the area for your convenience. 

Dryer Repair in Oxnard: for some reason if your favorite dryer does not spin or does not heat or takes a long time to heat than you visited the right web site we are local appliance repair company that specializes in any dryer problems you might have there is no problems that we can not fix ! Ever year the manufactures come up with new designs and more dryers comes up to be computerized, most of the newer dryer models have mother boards relays but all other components like seigniors fuses flames sensors hi limit thermostats are always the same, that's why when dryer does not spin the most commen problem is a belt or motor pulley with the belt, a lot of time it's realy hard to guess without seeing the problem, we made some statistics out of 10 dryers that does not heat 7 dryers had a coil kit problem and another 3 had a ignition system problem, so that is why we come with all necessary equipment like electrical testers to troubleshoot the any dryer problem you might have , and we carry %85 of parts in our vans for some, sometimes it take once extra day to get a part

LG Dryer Repair Oxnard, California | GE Dryer Repair in Oxnard | Maytag Dryer Repair Oxnard, Amana Dryer Repair in Oxnard | we specialize in any dryer repair problems it does not matter what kind of brand you have or what kind of problem your dryer has, we fix any dryer problems in oxnard so feel free to call us at: 1-805-751-6622 We are licensed and Insured

Washer Repair in Oxnard if your washing machine does not spin or does not agitate the first think you need to check is to open door and see if any water filled up in the washer if the water filled up and nothing happening the most likely the door latch is the problem, or if your washer overfilling the the water and water does not stop filling up in the washing machine the problems comes up to be a Water Level Switch, or when your washing machine does not spin and shows you code SUD make sure to check your drain pump filter before calling an Appliance Repair Company 1(805)751-6622 ( We repair any brands like LG GE Maytag Frigidare Kenmore Whirlpool Bosch Amana and all other brands ) PRO-TECH Oxnard Local Appliance Repair Company

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