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When it comes to LG or GE Appliance Repair in Ventura County. We are the LG and GE Appliance Repair Specialists, what are you waiting for?  we offer same day service in Ventura County Licensed | Insured 

WE provide quality appliance repair service in Ventura County, we fix them all GE refrigerators have a very comment problem with the computer board that is located on the back of the refrigerator , so refrigerator needs to be pulled out and unplugged , the metal cover on the back on the bottom needs to be taken out get the screws out and clean it with condenser cleaner spray it required by the factory to clean it once every 6 monthes if you have any pets leaving in you property, if no pets present than at least once a year, if this procedure is not done that computer board overheats and it will cost about $360 to replace computer board with condensor service, and we will also show you  how to clean it yourself and we will provide you with one condenser cleaner spray and it will last for a very long time, so if you live in Ventura County, CA we will be glad to help you same day today or tomorrow call us at 818-298-8165 Licensed and Insured. 

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