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For your convenient Sub-Zero manufactrures sub zero freezers, sub zero wine-coolers, sub zero refrigerators. sub zero the only refrigeration company that dual refrigeration" which helps to keep your food frozen longer and faster" and also sub zero refrigerators claimed to be the first build in refrigerators in the world. since 1950 the design of sub zero refrigerator quiet changed but, instead of cold controls and temperature controls it has computer boards and more sensors, very important information for Ventura Residents do not forget to clean your condenser, condenser located on the top of your freezer behind the grill on the top with Sub-Zero logo, a lot of times consumers can't reach the condenser without special tools and condenser cleaner sprays. if Ventura County residents forget to clean condenser eventually it will overheat your compressor and relay could give up or actual compressor could stop functioning properly! An average refrigerator weights only about 300 pounds but sub zero weights about 800 pounds, so couple people required for installation. 

When your favorite Sub-Zero Refrigerator does not getting cold than you in the right website we been trained by the best on the west, we carry all necessary experience, our technicians equipped with all free on, evaporators, compressors. for some reason if your freezer getting cold but your refrigerator section does not getting cold , because in the fresh food section behind the back cover located evaporator and a lot of times it has a freeon leak in the evaporator, so the old evaporator needs to be removed and the new one has to be welded , and dry filter needs to be replaced. Also a very common problem is when your compressor stopped working properly or does not work at all ,   for Ventura County residents we offer a same day service , a we provide condenser service, and we will take you thru process how to maintain your sub zero refrigerator, and by the way when you have a sub zero refrigerator in your kitchen it bring the value up to your home.